Harlem Strike


A few broken ribs, slight concussions, and all sorts of bruises. Yes, testing and developing the Harlem Strike was a bumpy ride. But what you get after 4 years of research, prototyping, and playing test dummy is a kite that makes you the underdog that beats the champ.

Unleash your inner beast with the Harlem Strike 

The Harlem Strike is your passport to big air mastery. Engineered with precision and innovation, the Harlem Strike is more than a kite; it's an embodiment of power and finesse. Crafted using the finest materials, this kite exemplifies strength without compromise.

Prepare to be astounded by the Harlem Strike's technical features:

  • A stiff diagonal line that redefines rigidity.
  • A feather-light frame boasting remarkable robustness.
  • 6-point direct bridles for ultimate responsiveness.
  • A very nicely crafted blend of strength and weight efficiency.

Defying Boundaries

Embark on a journey of exceptional jumps and astonishing performance. With the Harlem Strike, you're not merely riding; you're conquering the skies. The Harlem Strike's looping prowess and hangtime are unmatched, earning you those high Woo scores.

"Just a kick ass big air kite that allows you to get in the ring with the high flyers."

- Victor Looijestijn, aka Crash Test Dummy Nr.1.