Quality is important to me. That's why all demo & used gear has to pass the ESCAPE PLAN  TIP TO TIP FULL INSPECTION. 


  • 5 Hour pressure test
  • Canopy inspection
  • Leading edge inspection
  • All seams are inspected
  • Bridles inspection
  • Pigtail inspection
  • Pulley inspection
  • Inflate valve inspection
  • Handle inspection


  • Top and bottom inspection for dents & scratches
  • Fin inspection
  • Footstraps / Footpads inspection
  • Complete hardware inspection

Kite Bars

  • Bar Tune- So all lines are equal
  • Safety system test
  • Kite Lines and Pigtail inspection for cuts/abrasion
  • Hardware/Swivels/Jam Cleat inspection and cleaning

You can be confident in gear you purchase from us because we want to make sure you know what you are buying. Each product  is rated out of 5 and gives details on why  

You can also try before you buy!!

 Our stock varies so check back often.