Harlem Force


Through sheer determination and never-give-up spirit, we stumbled upon something truly extraordinary at the end of the rainbow. What we found in that pot of gold were the blueprints for two game changing techniques: PROWELD and Digital Printing. These ingenious methods have enabled us to craft a kite that's in a league of its own – unbelievably lightweight yet incredibly sturdy, giving other performance kites a real run for their money. And yes, you bet, it's an absolute joy to ride.


Unlike all the other kites out there that are put together by sewing and stitching, The Force is a game changer. See, sewing and stitching makes holes that can make the kite weaker. Then, to fix that, they add more material, and that makes it heavier. With The Force, things are different. It takes away those weaknesses and makes every welded part super strong. What's cooler is that each weld adds more stiffness, letting you handle the wind like a pro. That's why we call it The Force – it's all about mastering the breeze.

No need for crazy difficult and expensive materials here. We've taken a completely new approach to making kites. By using welding, we craft kites and wings that are crazy light. This means when you're up in the air, it feels like you're floating – smooth and easy. You'll pull off tricks you never thought possible and push your boundaries like never before.

  • Our inflatable frame is welded together instead of stitched. Giving you a 20% lighter frame and a 30% increase in torsional stiffness versus other performance kites still using traditional techniques.
  • Rapid steering impulse provides an exquisite steering feel that ensures you stay in perfect sync with the elements.
  • The lightness of our kites enables them to take flight early, ascend rapidly after a kiteloop and reduce wind drag to ride faster and create more apparent wind, propelling you to new heights of excitement and performance. 
  • The welded frame also reduces wind drag so you can ride faster and create more apparent wind. 
  • The use of a new, lighter, and stiffer fabric enhances the responsiveness to your every steering input, granting you unparalleled control over your kite.
  • The use of well-established, traditional dacron, at 132 gram/m², ensures a reliable and durable frame.

Weight of the Harlem Force
6m - 2.225 kg
7m - 2.430 kg
8m - 2.616 kg
9m - 2.785 kg
10m - 2.942 kg
11m - 3.090 kg
12m - 3.224 kg

Digital Printing

All kite designs these days use screen printing, but we're not fans of that at Harlem. You see, whatever you put on one side, you have to balance out on the other. It's like adding unnecessary weight that disconnects you from the wind as you ride. Enter Digital Printing –  the solution for the next generation of kites. With this, we create the lightest kite possible while giving you top-notch control. Oh, and guess what? It opens up a whole world of design options. So, you can rock a style that's as slick as you want it to be.

When you blend all these game changing goodies together, our kites serve up an epic experience that's like levelling up your kitesurfing skills by ten notches. Trying out this kite left no doubts. Cruising on The Force is like becoming one with it. Everyone who hopped on agrees – the unmatched control and spot-on accuracy are mind-blowing. It's like gaining a masterful hold over the elements that leaves you totally stoked.

  1. But you be the judge of that.