Harlem Ace


Are you the person who goes out on but-what-if-maybe-there’s-wind-days? We designed this kite to make your app group buddies stop laughing at you in those moments. Instead, they will be drooling at the pics you send. You having a blast. Them doing the dishes, witnessing the decline of Netflix, or binging TikToks.

Some honest remarks:
Strutless is great for a fast-turning lightwind kite you can ride almost anytime. If you want to jump, or ride in strong winds, look elsewhere. Wanna jump high? Take a Harlem Force. Need an all-rounder? Take a Harlem Go.

At this point, it’s of imminent importance not to inform your partner about your intention to buy this beauty. Just order it, and explain later that more days on the water make you a better lover. Which indirectly makes this a present for her/him. Not only for you. As we say at Harlem: “Enjoying the Harlem Ace hover, makes you an excellent lover”.

Wind or no wind. We’ve got your back.