Board Sizing

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There’s a misconception in foiling that the board doesn’t matter much, but nothing could be further from the truth. Picking the right board (especially in wing foiling) will help you maximize your riding range, performance, and ease of use.  Experienced riders will probably already know “ballpark” which size board they want. If that’s not you, check out these handy charts to assist you in finding the right range to look for. Keep in mind, these are just suggestions for a starting point. Your ability, local conditions, and previous experience will change your ideal board slightly so feel free to reach out for a personalized recommendation from our expert staff.




There are infinite ways to disperse that volume so it’s also important to consider the shape and dimensions of the board.  Generally speaking, narrower boards are more performance oriented for harder turns and faster rail to rail transitions. Conversely, wider boards are more stable and plane out easier. Longer boards are more forgiving and easier to ride while shorter boards offer more agile turns and pumping by way of reduced swing weight.